Airline Catering

Unitechnik is specialist for automated flight kitchens. These catering companies have the task to equip every aircraft that takes off from the airport, with carts. These are narrow containers on wheels, which the stewardess pushes through the aisles of the plane. The carts are filled with food, drinks, duty free items, blankets, headphones and much more. The carts of the landed planes are emptied, cleaned and filled again - each time individually for every new aircraft. This way, every day 120,000 meals are provided.

Big flight kitchens are equipped with an automatic transport system for the carts. The carts are transported on hangers through the spacious facility.

In order to be able to manage the great multitude and quantity of cutlery and crockery parts, the automatic small parts storage is used. Through transport technique the containers of the food distribution are supplied.

Uniware monitors the whole material flow and storage management system with integrated installation visualization. Through the connection with external devices UniWare becomes the control station of the whole facility.

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