Flowers in the desert

Transfer of cut flowers at 50°C

The Dubai Flower Centre is worldwide the first air freight terminal which is specialised in the transfer of cut flowers. The geographic situation is ideal for a flower transfer facility. Dubai lies in fact at the intersection of the most important grower and consumer countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Summer temperatures of up to 50°C however demand a high technological expense, in order to meet the requirements of the sensitive product.

The aluminium containers (ULDs) from the freight aircraft are driven with cooled dollies to the terminal and arrive through air shafts into the interior of the 10,000 m² large building complex, which is cooled to 2 to 12° C. The core of the facility is the 20 m high bay warehouse. 2 elevating transfer vehicles place the ULD’s, which weigh up to 6.8 tons, into the shelves.

Via automatic  conveyor belts the ULD’s arrive at one of the 21 work stations on which the ULD’s are commissioned. All movements and products are coordinated by the inventory control system.

Scope of Unitechnik contribution

Control technology:

  • 12 x Simatic S7-400
  • Profibus DP

Camera monitoring system (CCTV):

  • 30 cameras
  • 4 monitors

Inventory control system:

  • Cluster server with 10 computer terminals
  • Temperature surveillance
  • Product administration
  • Connection with CMS host

Control cabinets
assistance in production

Overall responsibility:
ICM Airport Technics GmbH (Unitechnik Group)


Completion: 2006

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Case Study Dubai Flower Centre


Case Study - Dubai Flower Centre