Daily storage for the vehicle handover

Highest availability for the vehicle handover

The BMW Welt in Munich is a customer center of a special kind. The buyer of a new vehicle is collecting his new BMW by an impressive setting. About one day earlier the vehicle is taken to the „BMW Welt“ and stored in a fully automatic daily storage. In the basement of the futuristic building up to 286 BMW automobiles are waiting for their new owner.

After delivery of the vehicles they are cleaned in the automatic washing plant and polished to a high finish on the preparation stations. By entering the handing over box the BMW is handed over to the automatic high-bay warehouse. The cars are transported and stored on a steel grating pallet which is turned lengthwise during the drive. The special thing about this one-aisle warehouse is that it has two ETVs, which can drive past each other. By the redundancy of the systems the facility has a very high availability, since no customer shall drive home without his looked-for BMW.

Scope of Unitechnik constribution:

Control engineering:

  • Simatic S7-400 with fail-safe CPU 416F-2
  • Profibus-DP
  • Redundant collision supervision by software for the two ETVs
  • Warehouse management system: UniWare-System for warehouse management and material flow with integrated plant visualization Coupling to the “BMW Welt Management System” via IBM Websphere MQ
  • Control cabinet construction
  • assembly
  • commissioning and training

Overall responsibillity:
Vollert GmbH+Co.KG


Completion: 2007

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