Shipping warehouse and production supply

Logistics center with shuttle warehouse and high-bay warehouse

Initial situation:

DEHN is a leading, internationally operating family-owned electrical engineering company with headquarters in Neumarkt. The company offers solutions and services for lightning protection, surge protection and occupational safety.

With the construction of the new logistics and production site in 2014 DEHN laid the foundation for further growth and internationalization.
With the expansion in 2023, around 35,000 m2 of floor space is now in use.

Delivery service and logistics processes should be made transparent and future-proof with a modern warehouse management system.


The core of the concept are innovative shuttle warehouses for shipping and production supply.
Unitechnik also integrates a classic high-bay warehouse, which is used not only for the automated replenishment of the small parts warehouse but also for the storage of large containers.

High-performance conveyor technology connects the warehouses and workstations in the logistics area.
This ensures effective processes in conjunction with UniWare warehouse management systems.

The gantry robot depalletizes incoming goods pallets with containers for storage in the shuttle warehouse.
At the same time, the containers are picked fully automatically onto floor rollers.

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) supply and dispose of the robot cell. The supermarket area serves as a buffer for the picked production orders (containers on floor rollers) for timely retrieval by production.
The AMRs also carry out these transport orders.

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Case Study - DEHN SE

Neumarkt, Germany


Technology and key figures:

  • UniWare warehouse management system (WMS) with integrated modules for material flow control system (MFS) and plant visualization (VISU)
  • Shuttle warehouse-1 with 5 aisles, 35 levels, 20 vehicles, 36,000 storage locations (600x400), combined shuttle and container lifter, 800 DS/hr
  • Shuttle warehouse-2 with 2 aisles, 42 levels, 28 vehicles, 43,000 storage locations (600x400), storage 600x400 3-deep lengthwise to 300x200 5-deep lengthwise, 590 DS/hr
  • Pallet high-bay warehouse with 4 aisles and 8,400 storage locations
  • Container and pallet conveyor technology from incoming goods to outgoing goods with connection to the workstations
  • Multifunctional gantry robot for de-/palletizing, floor roller storage and loading
  • AMR fleet for floor rollers and Euro pallets
  • Interfaces to SAP ERP and MES HYDR


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