Shipping warehouse and production supply

Logistics center with shuttle warehouse and high-bay warehouse

Initial situation:

DEHN + SÖHNE is one of the world's largest suppliers in the fields of lightning, surge and industrial protection and employs a total of around 1,400 people. The systems are developed and manufactured primarily in Neumarkt, Germany.

With the construction of the new logistics and production site in Mühlhausen with 21,000 sqm of floor space, DEHN + SÖHNE has laid the foundation for further growth and internationalization. Delivery service and logistics processes are to be transparently designed for the future.


The core of the concept, which Unitechnik implemented as the general contractor, is an innovative shuttle warehouse with five aisles and around 36,000 container spaces for the numerous small parts. The shuttle vehicles travel on 36 levels and thus enable a lightning-fast throughput of up to 1,500 totes per hour.

Furthermore, Unitechnik integrates a classic high-bay warehouse which, in addition to the automated replenishment of the small parts warehouse, is also used for the storage of large containers. For this purpose, it has four aisles with stacker cranes and about 8,400 pallet spaces.

The UniWare warehouse management system manages all storage areas in Neumarkt and at the new site in Mühlhausen. The logistical processes for shipping and production supply are managed by UniWare.

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Case Study - DEHN + SÖHNE GmbH

Neumarkt, Germany


Technology and key figures:

  • UniWare warehouse management system (WMS) with integrated material flow control system (MFS) and plant visualization (VISU)
  • Host interface to SAP ERP
  • Shuttle warehouse with 5 aisles and 36,000 storage locations
  • Tote conveyor system from incoming goods to outgoing goods with connection to workstations
  • Pallet high-bay warehouse with 4 aisles and 8,400 storage locations
  • Pallet conveyor system from goods receipt to goods issue with connection to workstations


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