Replacement of the warehouse management system

UniWare-LVS for central distribution center and external warehouses

Initial situation

The warehouse management system (WMS) introduced in 2001 in the central distribution center and the system for managing the external warehouses as well as two gateway systems were to be replaced by an integrated, up-to-date warehouse management system - so instead of four systems, the company wanted to manage just one software in the future.

The task was to find a new, future-proof WMS for the Schaffhausen site with its central warehouse and two external warehouses, as well as two other warehouse locations in Switzerland.

In particular, the new warehouse management system should ensure the further development of customer requirements in the long term.


Due to the complexity of the WMS software, it was divided into six stages with gradually increasing functionality. For each stage, a test system was provided to the customer early in the project. In an iterative process, the functionality was refined together. This agile way of working meant that Unitechnik and Georg Fischer had ONE picture of the status of the project at all times and early feedback was possible.

For the in-house testing phase, the entire physical plant was mapped in the UniWare emulator to enable test runs independent of the real plant. The subsystems conveyor technology, stacker cranes, mobile and stationary WMS clients were simulated. Together with the data transfer and the subsequent ERP messages of the following day, a complete production day could be simulated.

In addition to a UniWare test system connected to the SAP test system, the customer was also provided with a test system with emulation ("gaming system").

Prior to go-live, integration tests with UniWare and the automated systems were performed over 6 weekends. The life cycle support from the functional specification to the after-sales service is ensured by Unitechnik through a competent project team.

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