Frozen consumer goods for the Middle East

Multi temperature and multi mandates logistics solution

Initial situation

Integrated National Logistics (INL) is a total logistics solutions provider for companies seeking seamless total supply chain support for their products and services across MENA region and beyond.

An appropriate building was constructed to meet all future requirements. The specified dimensions of the building and the general requirements of the 3PL providers form the basis for the design of the automatic storage and retrieval solution with the automatic picking stations.The project includes two mirror-image automatic high-bay warehouses.


Automatic pallet storage system for frozen goods with temperature zones from -18 to -30°C.

In the two storage areas, a pallet loop connects the seven stacker cranes, the input/output station for pallets and the 6 carton picking stations (goods-to-person) for B and C items.

The A-articles are picked at manual picking stations (person-to-goods).

The warehouse management, material flow control and picking management is performed by the Unitechnik warehouse management system UniWare-LVS.

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Case Study - INL Dubai

Integrated National Logistics (INL)
Dubai Logistic City
United Arab Emirates

Technology and key figures

  • UniWare-LVS with interface to PalmERP
  • Pallet high-bay warehouse with 14 aisles (L 98m, H 22m) and 40,000 storage locations (Euro and industrial pallets)
  • Storage and retrieval machines as single mast, double deep, 1 load handling device, 24 double cycles per hour
  • temperature zones from -18 to -25 degrees celsius
  • Pallet conveyor system for goods receipt and goods issue with 6 picking stations


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