Production logistics in the pharmaceutical industry

Replaced the material flow computer during operation

Initial situation:

B. Braun is one of the leading manufacturers of medical technology and pharmaceutical products and services worldwide.

The high level of automation at the Melsungen site is a key success factor. From the ERP system to the machine: IT systems control logistics and production from end to end and are continuously adapted to changes or modernized.

The existing material flow computer (MFR) for LIFE 1 production (Leading Infusion Factory Europe) was now to be replaced. During the replacement, the ongoing operation (24/7) was not to be impaired.

Following the changeover, another new production plant was to be connected to the material flow control system.


The existing material flow computer was replaced with the UniWare-MFS material flow control system.

The following challenges were successfully met during the changeover to the Unitechnik system:

  • Fulfillment of the very high quality and validation requirements in production (GAMP)
  • Changeover of the MFS during ongoing operations since production is "around the clock
  • Numerous interfaces to superordinate and subordinate systems such as production management system, driverless transport system and pallet conveyor technology

For the new production plant, Unitechnik implemented the pallet conveyor technology and the rack system in addition to the MFS connection.

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Case Study - B. Braun Melsungen AG