Transport, handling and storage of aluminium foil

Production logistics for yoghurt pot lids

Unitechnik has supplied the automation for the complete automatic transport system for the new rolling mill II. The production process of the basic foil comprises the delivery of the raw strips by lorry, the preliminary anneal, the rolling, the doubling, the renewed rolling, the separating, the cutting of the aluminium foil to the required width and the final annealing. By means of transport devices which are especially adapted to the conditions, the strips are transported from and to the individual processing centres. Between the process steps the material can be intermediately stored in the high bay warehouse. After separating the strips, up to 4 foil rolls are transported on respectively one core in an annealing rack. By means of an elaborate shelf system it is possible to store in the high bay warehouse in each of the 376 shelves either a spool, a coil or a rack. The different transport goods are actually moved by one ETV in the aisles. With the extension of the rolling mill by two roll stands there is the option to retrofit another ETV in the same aisle.

Scope of Unitechnik contribution:

Control engineering:

  • 3 controls Simatic S7-400
  • Visualization system WinCC
  • Fieldbus: Profibus-DP

Control cabinet construction
Commissioning and training

Overall responsibillity:
Dürr Special Material Handling GmbH


Completion: 2007

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Case Study Teich AG


Case Study - Teich AG

Teich AG
Mühlhofen 4
3200 Weinburg

Key data

High bay warehouse:

  • 1 aisle with one ETV
  • Preparation for 2. ETV

376 universal storage positions for spools, racks and coils

Materials handling technology:

  • 4 transport devices for coils
  • 2 transport devices for spools
  • 3 transport devices for racks


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