The largest flight kitchen in the world

4.5 km overhead conveyors transport Airline Carts

Initial situation:

100 airlines from around the world benefit from Emirates Flight Catering's (EKFC) in-flight catering and support services at Dubai International Airport (DXB). These are provided in several operations.

Continuous growth of the Dubai Air Hub requires outstanding logistics on the ground for excellent catering in the air.

The EKFC East Wing operation serves all airlines landing and departing from Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport. This includes over 100 airlines serving an average of 225,000 meals daily.

The newly built premium facility EKFC West Wing is responsible for all premium class services for over 250 flights per day and also supplies the airport lounges.


In both facilities, an electric monorail forms the logistical backbone for providing these services. It maneuvers the narrow airline carts through the various stations of the flight kitchen - from their arrival from the landed aircraft to their re-supply for departure.

Unitechnik's control and guidance technology ensures that the right cart is in the right place at the right time.

The variety of different dishes and cutlery is so large that automatic small parts warehouses (AKL) were built for it. The right plates and forks are automatically provided via a bin conveyor system.

Driverless transport vehicles connect the different parts of the building with each other.

Unitechnik's own branch in Dubai provides 24/7 hotline service, maintenance and repair - so that no aircraft has to take off without catering.

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Case Study - Emirates Flight Catering Co.

Emirates Flight Catering Co.
Dubai, VAE

Technology and key figures:

  • UniWare warehouse management system (WMS) with integrated plant visualization.
  • Host interface to Oracle ERP
  • Automatic small parts warehouse (AKL) with flow racks for order picking
  • Tote conveyor system from inbound to outbound picking at the AKL
  • Electric monorail system-1 with 188 vehicles and approx. 2.5 km of rails
  • Electric monorail-2 with 160 vehicles and approx. 2 km of rails
  • Driverless transport system for trolleys and pallets


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