New high-bay warehouse for forged wheels

Automatic handling of EWPS load carriers

Initial situation

Flights into space, worldwide transportation of people and goods, high technology in mechanical engineering, the shaping of large cities by modern architecture ...everywhere OTTO FUCHS is represented with ideas, products and solutions. The best-known product, however, is probably the legendary "Fuchs rim".

On a total area of almost 23,000 square meters, a new surface center for the noble forged wheels was built. These are painted and polished in various work steps. They are shipped to the automotive plants on EWPS (European Wheel Pallet System) carriers, which are standard in the industry.

The new logistics center serves to efficiently handle just-in-time call-offs from customers. Further important goals are the consolidation of the previous block storage areas and the reduction of the effort in order picking as well as the increase of theft and goods security.


Up to 1.3 million forged wheels are stored annually in the new high-bay warehouse and prepared for shipment. Unitechnik realized the automatic warehouse in silo design on a turnkey basis.

The EWPS load carriers for the automotive sector do not correspond to the usual standard sizes in intralogistics. They are used in the OTTO FUCHS warehouse in four different variants (type 2, 3 and 4 as well as a special pallet).

The solution from Unitechnik provides for double-deep transverse storage of the load carriers of different lengths. Various combinations of EWPS pallets are stored within the system compartments.

Up to 18 pallets are prepared for truck loading on four shipping lanes.

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