Logistics center for production supply

Storage of machine parts for mining

Initial situation

SIEMAG TECBERG, a mechanical engineering company specializing in the construction of underground mining equipment, needed a new warehouse for the provision of preliminary products and the storage of finished goods as well as spare parts to be shipped to international end customers and subsidiaries.

The existing manually managed pallet and small parts warehouse was reaching its capacity and performance limits.

A new logistics facility was therefore to be built at the company's site to meet the requirements. The task was to make optimum use of the limited space available.


The warehouse consists of a 1-aisle high-bay warehouse for pallets and pallet cages as well as a 1-aisle automated small parts warehouse for bins and trays.

The storage and retrieval area was equipped with a picking-U for each warehouse.

The particularly short approach dimensions of the stacker cranes allow maximum storage space by making the best possible use of the available area and room height.

An innovative safety braking system eliminates the buffer zone in front of the last rack positions. This saves even more storage space.

Due to the compact height of the racks, both warehouses could be built without sprinklers.

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