Distribution center for office supplies

Dispatch of 11,000 parcels with office supplies per day

Soennecken eG is the purchasing and marketing organization with the biggest turnover for office supplies in Europe. From Overath, about 570 specialist suppliers at over 1200 locations are serviced. The distribution previously handled by a third party logistics provider has been brought back to the headquarters of the company and is carried out by Soennecken LogServe.

Unitechnik has realized the complete logistics system as a general contractor. An automatic storage and retrieval system provides the goods for the picking platform. Very narrow aisle trucks with radio data terminals supply the storage bins in the 42 picking zones. Picking is done directly in the order carton by Pick-by-Voice.

The tray conveyors handle the transportation of the order cartons - from the automatic carton opener via the picking zones and the packing area to the automatic carton closer and the dispatch area. Up to 11,000 parcels and 600 pallets are leaving the Overath logistics center every day.

Scope of Unitechnik contribution:

General contractor
Overall project management

Control equipment:

  • 8 control systems implemented with Simatic S7
  • Decentralized structures with Profibus

Warehouse management system:

  • UniWare with distributed cluster server
  • 70 stationary work-stations
  • 20 forklift terminals
  • 30 handheld terminals
  • 42 Pick-by-Voice devices
  • ProAlpha ERP coupling

Switchgear construction
Commissioning and training


  • Steel structure silo HRL: Kocher
  • Roof/wall lining of silo: Wortmann
  • RBGs: Dambach
  • Picking platform: BITO
  • Conveyor equipment: TGW and many others.


Completion: 2009

PDF Reference Sheet

Case Study Soennecken


Case Study - Soennecken Logserve

Soennecken LogServe GmbH
Soennecken-Platz 1
51491 Overath

Key data

High-bay warehouse store
of silo design with 6000 pallet storage positions

Pallet conveyor with
incoming and outgoing goods,
picking and retrieval positions

Picking rack with
42 picking zones and 26,000 bins accessed

1.6 km of tray/carton conveyors,
up to 1800 trays / h automatic carton erecting, Pick-by-Voice, Pick checking by weight, Photo documentation, automatic carton closers


Andreas Klee
Key Account Manager

P +49 2261 987-525
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