UniLaser - Enhancement of productivity and quality in your concrete component production

The laser projections system UniLaser is an efficient tool for the accurately size placing of the parts onto the production pallet. By integration into the master computer, UniCAM can adapt UniLaser to the individual production process. For example, if a part of the mouldings was already placed by means of robots, then the UniLaser will only still project the remaining moulding length. Advantage: no disturbing reflection, no flickering lines. If a window frame must be positioned, it may be more useful to mark the topside of the frame. Advantage: none of the lines are shaded by the frame. The projection at freely definable heights is particularly advantageous in case of multilayered, resp. three dimensional elements.

A further application area of UniLaser is the quality assurance. Before the pouring of concrete, all dimensions can be checked. While doing so the projection height is determined automatically from the CAD data. With the production of double walls, the lattice girders of the first mould are projected, so as to exclude later collisions when bringing them in.

UniLaser is integral part of the process control technique of the company Unitechnik. You will benefit from smooth startup operations and professional service, including a hotline and remote maintenance.



Precast Concrete Production with UniCAM.23


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