High rack warehouse for efficient space utilization

High rack warehouses enable an optimal space utilization and offer with a height of up to 50 meters a maximum of warehouse capacity. Automated pallet warehouses guarantee efficient storage and distribution of goods – also of heavy and large-volume goods.

The selection of the appropriate solution for a demand-based high rack warehouse is challenging:

  • Which components are useful?
  • Which manufacturers are best suited?
  • Silo structure or freestanding multi-tiered shelving system – what is more economical?
  • Single- or multiple-deep storage – what is suitable for us?
  • Which factors are ideal?

Unitechnik advises competently and objectively when selecting suppliers and integrates your pallet warehouse in an intelligent overall system. That is to say: We plan your high rack warehouse in such a way, that is perfectly connected to the further stations of the logistics center.

The delivery of Unitechnik includes all components from rack up to the racking storage and retrieval vehicle. We equip the stacker cranes with our own control technique, so as to guarantee an ideal control of the pallet warehouse.