Unitechnik offers well-engineered solutions and has the most modern know-how for a complete metallurgic cycle from fluid metal via rolling mills of all types, through to complex treatment and packaging installations.

Whether new construction or retrofit, whether turnkey installation including trade-spanning project management or special solutions for the enhancement of productivity and efficiency - Unitechnik is the perfect partner both for the demanding machine and installation builder, and for the end customer in the manufacturing area.

Aluminum Quarto strip rolling mills for run-out thicknesses of min. 0.1 mm . Drive technology, automation

Slab transport system Caster 1, 2 and 3 for steel slabs up to 37t max. 1700mm wide, 250mm thick and 12500mm long

Universal aluminum foil rolling mill for run-out thicknesses of 0.012mm. Drive technology and automation

Desulfurization plant for the treatment of pig iron

Modernization of a three-stand billet mill for stainless steel

300 tons double ladle furnace in LD steel mill.

Pilot rolling mill for hot strip and heavy plate from very soft to high-strength grades with maximum yield strengths

Modernization of the walking beam furnace and the connected roller table control system

Universal aluminum foil rolling mill for run-out thicknesses of 2x 0.007mm. Drive technology and automation

New trimming shear and chemical treatment on the strip straightening line for aluminum strip from 0.15mm to 3.5mm

Aluminium Quarto strip rolling mill for run-out thicknesses of min. 0.2 mm . Drive technology, automation