Energy management: from energy monitoring to load management

Basic ideas

Rapidly rising costs for heat, electricity, gas, oil, water and compressed air are making an industrial company's energy consumption more and more of a determining economic factor.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly production also shapes a company's image on the market. The sustainable establishment of effective energy management will therefore be a decisive factor for business success in the future.
Unitechnik advises and supports you in the conception and introduction of energy management. We plan and implement the system for you in hardware and software based on the latest methodology and technology. Our comprehensive expertise in industrial automation and information technology enables us to achieve optimum integration into your infrastructure. Unitechnik is a Siemens Solution Partner in the areas of "Automation" and "Power Management".


The energy management system is essentially divided into three phases:


  • Recording of energy flows over time
  • Early detection of anomalies, such as unnecessary peak loads or leaks
  • Allocation of energy costs to cost centers and cost units
  • Basis for all savings and optimizations


  • Switch off unnecessary consumers (temporarily)
  • Replace or modernize inefficient consumers
  • Reactive current compensation
  • Energy recovery
  • Preventive maintenance

Load management

  • Avoidance of load peaks
  • Automated load-dependent switching of consumers
  • Organizational measures (staggered break times)
  • Reaction to variable electricity tariffs


Unitechnik is your competent partner for energy management.

Our services

  • Energy check
  • Advice on funding opportunities
  • Manufacturer-independent design of a measurement and evaluation system
  • Implementation and introduction of the energy management system
  • Modernization of inefficient production and conveyor systems
  • Implementation of reactive current compensation and energy recovery

Your first step

Contact us and arrange a non-binding energy check. We analyze the quarter-hourly values that your energy supplier records for you. The result of this analysis provides an initial indication of the extent to which energy management makes sense for you.