Profibus analysis

The Profibus is in most industrial installations the communication technical backbone of the automation systems. A malfunction of the Profibus usually results in the breakdown of the entire control system. The analysis with traditional programming devices proves to be very difficult. Particularly unstable conditions on the bus, have already driven many a maintenance worker mad. That is why the Profibus measuring with our own projects is a fixed part of the start-up procedure.

We dispose of first class measuring devices, which recognize mains breakages, failing terminator resistances and faulty Profibus participants. Through recording the data on the Profibus, we sporadically get on the track of occurring faults. Finally, the physical and logical quality of the bus system can be determined. For example, one recognizes how many „reserves" the Profibus still has. Our staff, specially trained on the system, draw up measuring protocols, which are handed over to the customer. This way, the Profibus is no more an element of uncertainty, but a secure bank.

Your advantages:

  • Reliable Profibus analysis
  • Tracking sporadically occurring faults
  • Statement on the bus quality
  • Measuring protocol
  • Excluding the Profibus as fault cause
  • Correct dimensioning of the Profibus