Automated warehouse and logistics systems

Turnkey total solutions for intralogistics

Thinking down to the last detail, then acting in a targeted manner. Unitechnik consistently implements this philosophy as a general contractor in intralogistics worldwide. The result: customized logistics systems that achieve a high level of efficiency through automation and system integration.

Unitechnik always considers intralogistics as a whole. In a guiding overall concept, we perfectly coordinate high-bay warehouses, transport systems, control technology, and warehouse management systems. Your decisive advantage: when selecting individual components, we provide manufacturer-independent advice. In this way, tailor-made logistics systems are created under the responsibility of an experienced general contractor. Our Logistics Consulting offers you independent consulting services. Together with you, we develop the best solution. In addition to complete planning according to the three-phase plan, we offer a compact check-up at a fixed price.

Autonomous subsystems, such as autonomous mobile robots (AMR), automated guided vehicles (AGVs), Exotec's Skypod system or picking robots, are playing an increasingly important role. Unitechnik integrates these systems and takes responsibility for the overall system. The UniWare warehouse management system provides the link between the individual autonomous subsystems and the rest of the material flow and thus forms the heart of the logistics centre.

A cooperative customer relationship, dedicated project management and personal support form the basis for the success of our logistics projects. In our concepts, we map your requirements in detail and think one step ahead. In this way, we show you what is technically possible and economically viable for your intralogistics. Our engineers and computer scientists draw on a wealth of experience in various industries with a wide range of different system solutions - and have been doing so for more than five decades.

Our expertise for tailored logistics systems includes:

  • System integration
  • Warehouse technique
  • Transport systems
  • Automation technique and electrical equipment
  • Warehouse management software
  • Retrofit / modernization
  • Energy efficiency


Logistiksysteme, Gesamtlösungen, Intralogistik, Lagersysteme, Generalunternehmer, Fördertechnik, Fahrerlose Transportsysteme, Kommisioniersysteme, Lagerverwantlugnssystem UniWare, Retrofit, Energieeffizienz


Logistic Systems

Uniware, Lagerverwaltungssystem, Software für Intralogistik, Lagerverwaltung, Kommissionierung


WMS UniWare

Referenzen und Case-Studies nach Branchen

Planning and realization of an airfreight center for 600.000 t freight per year, partly cooled, autom. high bay warehouse for 1000 ULDs, 4ETVs, man.…

Fully automated cargo terminal for 600,000 tons of freight per year: automated high-bay warehouse with 730 ULD compartments, 2 ETV's, 4 WTV's, 2 TV's

Automatic locker system in Cologne and Freiburg stations

Control and instrumentation system for 2 coil and 2 pallet stacker cranes (6 tons load) as well as for overhead transport trolleys

Automatic cargo warehouse for ULDs with 70 bays -15 ft & 20 ft 20 ft stacker crane

Automatic ULD warehouse for 131 20ft containers 2 stacker cranes 11 lowerable workstations X-Way-Mover for flexible handling

Automatic air cargo warehouse with 132 compartments, up to 20 ft deep import and export on two floors Elevator for ULDs, X-ray facility for ULDs.

Production logistics for brass rolling mill. Autom. storage and supply of up to 15 t heavy coils for the roller and annealing furnace.

Shipping warehouse for steel coils. Fully automatic storage and staging of horizontal coils on large pallets.

Surface storage for 110m long brass strips. These are lifted by cross beams with vacuum suction cups and temporarily stored on stacks.

Blank buffer storage in the press shop. Temporary storage of different vehicle sheets (blanks) to decouple the press and cutting line.

Automatic paper roll storage. Buffer store for coils that are painted metallized and cut.

Refurbishment of the high-bay warehouse: Conversion of the control system including visualization, conversion of the conveyor system and 7 SRMs from…

Autom. ULD cargo warehouse with 202 compartments, partially refrigerated, pallet warehouse, 250 m express sorting loop, X-Ray machines for ULDs,…

4-aisle pallet high-bay warehouse with 7,000 storage locations. The pallet conveyor system supplies 10 picking stations.  Order picking via SAP.…

Fully automatic tire blank conveying system

Advantages of automation:

  • Efficient use of space
  • Lower operating costs
  • Optimized delivery quality
  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Ergonomics in the workplace

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of automated logistics systems here

Things to know

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  • Selection of order picking systems

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