Green Logistics - energy efficiency in the logistics center

Green Logistics and energy efficiency are in times when resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and with rising costs for heating, power, gas, oil and water, by now more than just fashion topics. Industrial enterprises are more and more faced with the challenge to use energy as efficiently as possible and environmentally friendly.

Precisely with automated intralogistics systems the potential to save energy is particularly high. In order to enhance the energy efficiency, Unitechnik uses the most diverse technologies and methods from the use of energy saving drives via energy recovery and energy compensation, up to route optimized storage and retrieval strategies and a reduction of the standby energy consumption of the facilities.

Energy efficiency also means the regular check and optimization of the power consumption in the warehouse. Unitechnik advices and accompanies with the conception and introduction of an energy management system. A monitoring system constantly monitors the energy consumption of your intralogistics facility, in a breakdown by as many part segments as you desire. The building and further facilities can be integrated without any problems. We plan and integrate our hard and software directly into your infrastructure.

Unitechnik has extensive references in the area of Green Logistics. Moreover, we are preferred Siemens Solution Partner for „Automation" and „PowerManagement".



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