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We are planner experienced in realization
... and realizer experienced in planning

You are the right customer for us if ...

  • you want to expand or optimize your internal logistics.
  • you consider this project as an important step for the development of your company.
  • you are willing to work together to develop a solution tailored to your individual processes.
  • You are open to modern technologies and digitalization.
  • You are not looking for a standard off-the-shelf solution.

Why Unitechnik?


We are a manufacturer-independent system integrator. We integrate the appropriate subsystems for our customers, such as conveyor technology, racks and robots into a suitable overall concept. You can benefit from our market knowledge in the planning project.


Modern tools help to validate concepts and make them tangible. Performance data can be verified via simulation. Virtual reality allows you to visit the future plant and permits practical testing of workstations.


We are experts in logistics processes and are active in many industries. For us, the process comes first and then the iron.

Software competence

Software maps your business processes and is therefore an important part of planning. As a software manufacturer, we are at home in this world. Together we clarify the distribution of tasks and interfaces between the IT systems, such as ERP, WMS, MFS and MES.


No one knows your processes as well as you do. That's why we first want to understand where the shoe pinches and where you want to develop. Use our external view to look at the task from a different perspective.

Practical experience 

Practical experience sometimes helps more than theoretical textbook knowledge. We have been automating warehouses and assuming overall responsibility for complete logistics centers for decades. We offer logistics consulting as an independent service.


What we plan, we build. We plan as thoroughly as if we were building. Get to know us and then decide freely whether you also want us to build your logistics center.

Ergonomics & Efficiency

The focus is on the human being. Technology has the task of relieving him of burdensome tasks and creating the most ergonomic working environment possible. Ergonomics and efficiency are not opposites, but go hand in hand.

Conversion during ongoing operation

We have already successfully carried out a large number of modernization and expansion projects. As a result, we know the most diverse conversion scenarios from practical experience and can advise you well.

And here's how we approach logistics planning:

We believe that a good planning process needs a clear and transparent structure. That is why we have developed the three-phase plan. It helps you to future-proof your internal logistics. For a successful project, all three phases are of great importance and should be worked on by the project team - we can gladly support you in this. If desired, we can also support you only in individual phases.

Three phase plan for our logistics consulting

With the help of the three-phase plan, a logistics concept is developed which forms the basis for the further development of your company in the field of intralogistics. In order to be able to plan for the future, it is of elementary importance to systematically record the current status. In addition, boundary parameters are defined within which planning is to take place.

First, the existing logistical processes are analyzed and the resulting data is recorded and evaluated. The analyzed data serve as a basis for the development of a material flow layout as well as for the determination of performance requirements and capital requirements.

In addition, topics such as the building site and its restrictions are discussed.

The goal of this phase is a complete data analysis, including a material flow diagram and a list of basic constraints. It forms the basis for the entire logistics concept.

Based on the analyses of the first phase, different layouts are developed and technologies are determined with which the future material flow can be mapped effectively and economically.

For the evaluation of the layout variants, they are evaluated under economic and technical aspects. This analysis includes key performance indicators, investment costs, operating costs and personnel requirements.

This provides all the information required for a qualified comparison of variants.

The result of the concept development is the well-founded comparison of several variants and the subsequent selection of a target concept.

In the implementation planning phase, the variant selected in the concept development phase is planned out in detail.

This involves both the further optimization of the layout with regard to an optimal material flow and the definition of the logistics processes in IT.

Existing IT structures are analyzed and the interface between the existing ERP system and the warehouse management system is defined. For example, the division of tasks for inventory management, storage location management, picking, etc. is determined.

The result of the implementation planning is a solution concept, which includes the layout, a process description and the IT concept. In addition, the customer receives a resilient investment budget for the logistics system.

Workshops so that the best solution wins

In our experience, workshops are an excellent way to develop the new logistics concept in a targeted manner with the right people.

In addition to developing the technical solution, it is equally important to take the right team with you on the journey. After all, people who have actively contributed to a solution themselves will support it much more intensively during implementation than if you are only presented with it as a finished concept.

Each phase of the Three Phase Plan includes at least one workshop, whereby the number depends on the exact task. We will be happy to support you in considering the composition of the team. Arrange your free telephone appointment.

Want to go fast, then go alone. If you want to go far, then go with others.
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Logistik Consulting: Virtual Reality for workplace design in intralogistics

The design of workstations has an impact on both the ergonomics and efficiency of logistics facilities. This short video describes how we proceed in planning workstations.

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Virtual Reality zur Arbeitsplatzgestaltung in der Intralogistik
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Things to know

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    Advantages and disadvantages of automation:

    + Efficient use of space
    + Lower operating costs
    + Optimized delivery quality
    + Shorter turnaround times
    + Ergonomics at the workplace

    - Higher investment costs
    - Less flexibility
    - Maintenance costs
    - Construction requirements
    - Longer realization time

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