Automated small parts warehouses (AKL) - dynamic and flexible

An automated small parts warehouse enables high circulation speeds and fast access to the stored goods. For just-in-time or just-in-sequence production processes, a mini-load warehouse is used to reliably supply workstations and buffer stores. The stored items are stored in small-volume load carriers such as plastic containers and trays.

Unitechnik implements dynamic and flexible automated small parts warehouses that optimally meet the requirements of your material flow. We integrate the mini-load warehouse into the overall warehouse technology and achieve the ideal storage density and space efficiency for your logistics center.

    The basis for the customized Unitechnik solution is an in-depth analysis of the specific processes, an intelligent design of the small parts warehouse and the selection of the right components: We set up multi-deep storage that is precisely geared to the access frequency of the individual goods. Storage and retrieval machines or shuttle systems tailored to requirements are equipped with control technology from Unitechnik. Warehouse management with complete visualization of stock and material flow is handled by "UniWare" - the modular WMS software from Unitechnik.

    Comprehensive service and the electrical and mechanical maintenance of your automated small parts warehouse round off Unitechnik's range of services.

    Shuttle warehouse for Calibration Factory - Testo Industrial Services

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    Shuttlelager für „Calibration Factory“ von Testo Industrial Services
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    Fast and flexible

    Good price/performance ratio

    Fully automatic

    Various load carriers

    Advantages of an automated small parts warehouse

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