Special storage – a solution for specialized assignments

In more than 40 years Unitechnik has realized a multitude of complex special storages. Coil storage, lengthy load storage, air cargo containers, theatre sceneries or automatic parking garages – the solution competence of our engineers is without limits. Thanks to the extensive expertise within the experienced Unitechnik team we develop for every special request and for every storage type the fitting, tailored solution.

Particularly for the specific requirements from the metal industry, we have arranged precisely fitting concepts. In the coil storage the individual coils have been stowed away compactly and safely – and yet available at any moment. A lengthy load storage creates room for every type of steel profile and similar individual parts. Heavy duty pallet warehouses even sustain the weight of large sized stacks of steel sheet.

Moreover, Unitechnik uses its automation and process control knowledge also for extraordinary storage solutions. E.g. we have realized scenery warehouses for the continuous theatre performance and automatic parking garages.

The following special warehouses provide you with an overview:

  • Coil and collar storage
  • Lengthy good storage
  • Heavy duty pallet storage
  • Air cargo container storage
  • Theatre scenery warehouse
  • Automatic parking garages

References and case studies for special bearings

Planning and realization of an airfreight center for 600.000 t freight per year, partly cooled, autom. high bay warehouse for 1000 ULDs, 4ETVs, man....

Autom. ULD cargo warehouse with 202 compartments, partially refrigerated, pallet warehouse, 250 m express sorting loop, X-Ray machines for ULDs,...

Automatic air cargo warehouse with 132 compartments, up to 20 ft deep import and export on two floors Elevator for ULDs, X-ray facility for ULDs.

Automatic ULD warehouse for 131 20ft containers 2 stacker cranes 11 lowerable workstations X-Way-Mover for flexible handling

Automatic cargo warehouse for ULDs with 70 bays -15 ft & 20 ft 20 ft stacker crane

Prop warehouse for the Oslo Opera.  Automated high-bay warehouse with 244 bays on 6 levels. Truck shuttle between opera and warehouse 16 km away.

Daytime storage for vehicle handover at the "BMW Welt" customer center in Munich. 2 independent RBGs supply 286 parking spaces in 110m long lane

Production logistics for aluminum coils. High-bay warehouse and conveyor technology for coils, racks and bundles.

Production logistics for aluminum profiles, control and transport guidance system, WMS for 3 area warehouses, coordination of all transports over 2...

Air freight center for 104,000 tons of freight per year, partially refrigerated, automatic high-bay warehouse for freight containers, manual pallet...

Air freight center for handling fresh produce The automated high-bay warehouse stores 258 freight containers in different temperature zones

Automatic paper roll storage. Buffer store for coils that are painted metallized and cut.

Surface storage for 110m long brass strips. These are lifted by cross beams with vacuum suction cups and temporarily stored on stacks.

Fully automated cargo terminal for 600,000 tons of freight per year: automated high-bay warehouse with 730 ULD compartments, 2 ETV's, 4 WTV's, 2 TV's

Blank buffer storage in the press shop. Temporary storage of different vehicle sheets (blanks) to decouple the press and cutting line.

Shipping warehouse for steel coils. Fully automatic storage and staging of horizontal coils on large pallets.

Automatic locker system in Cologne and Freiburg stations

Control and instrumentation system for 2 coil and 2 pallet stacker cranes (6 tons load) as well as for overhead transport trolleys


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