With UniWare-AI to the learning logistics center

Unitechnik Systems GmbH will be presenting UniWare-AI, the AI-based assistant for logistics systems, at LogiMAT 2024. The AI tool will support the system integrator's customers in the future, for example in predicting order loads and bottlenecks in the material flow. Visitors to the trade fair can find out more about the project, which was developed in collaboration with TH Köln, at stand H20 in hall 1.

The new feature of the UniWare warehouse management system provides the warehouse manager with an intelligent assistant. Based on data from the logistics software, the AI tool provides recommendations and insights. For example, it can predict how many order items need to be processed over the next few days. Using the data from the logistics system, the AI assistant develops suggestions for the optimal placement of items in the warehouse or evaluates the causes of faults in order to provide maintenance recommendations in the sense of predictive maintenance. The more data the system has at its disposal over time, the more the AI model learns - the learning logistics center becomes a reality.

Better AI model thanks to external data
The predictive quality of UniWare AI can be significantly improved by incorporating external data from other customer systems. For example, historical order data from the ERP system or data on seasonal characteristics or weather data from external sources can be integrated. The experts at Unitechnik create these data models individually for each user. Together with the customer, they optimize the use of UniWare-AI step by step. At the customer DEHN SE, UniWare-AI is already being tested to optimize personnel scheduling. With the data from the AI model, the company from the electrical industry can predict the capacity utilization of order picking for the next few days with a high degree of probability. The pilot project was developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at TH Köln.

LogiMAT motto: Logistics in rhythm
For Unitechnik, the motto of this year's LogiMAT is "Logistics in time: warehouse management system with AI power". As the conductor of the (warehouse) orchestra, the UniWare warehouse management system coordinates customers' increasingly diverse system components. In addition to classic warehouse and conveyor technology components, soloists (autonomous subsystems) such as AMR or AGV systems are increasingly becoming part of the orchestra. UniWare is the (artificial) brain of the logistics center. It ensures the harmonious interaction of the players and, with its AI power, constant optimization.

The system integrator's experts are looking forward to a lively exchange on the use of AI in intralogistics at Stand 1 in Hall H20.