The future of intralogistics - presented in the DIGI:LAB

The logistics industry is facing profound changes - one more reason for the invitation of Unitechnik Systems GmbH to the Customer Day 2323 on March 2 in Wiehl. In addition to a trade exhibition and exciting presentations, the focus was above all on the joint exchange of the 70 logistics experts from various industries. The venue was Unitechnik's DIGI:LAB, which has now been officially inaugurated.

The concept of Customer Day 2323 included a triad of presentations, a world café and a small in-house exhibition. The topics covered were the challenges in logistics today and tomorrow and the increasing importance of AMR and AGVs in intralogistics. Other topics were machine safety, logistics planning, and added value from data. Unitechnik also presented the Skypod system from Exotec - a new, innovative storage system. In addition to Unitechnik's experts, suppliers such as Agilox, Schwamborn, and Leuze, as well as Unitechnik's customer Soennecken, also had their say.

An important goal of the Customer Day was the exchange of experiences between the customers. In the format of a world café, up to eight people took turns at different tables to discuss the key topics of shortage of skilled workers, autonomous systems and sustainability with their professional colleagues.

DIGI:LAB symbolizes the use of state-of-the-art technology
Customer Day 2323 also marked the official inauguration of Unitechnik's new DIGI:LAB. In addition to modern office space for the IT department, the building is home to the new event center, consisting of a work café, the forum and various meeting rooms.

The DIGI:LAB was created from a 30-year-old office building that was converted into a modern office environment. A 125 m² light dome provides daylight and an airy atmosphere in the interior. In addition to many glass walls, a modern building automation system is also used. A new lighting and climate control system not only ensures pleasant working conditions, but also very high energy efficiency.

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