EasyJet: Automated Luggage Handling Using Unipack

Unitechnik automation technology created 'Unipack', the automated luggage handling solution. In the trade show 'inter airport Europe', you find us in booth 1057 in hall B5 where we show you exactly how the automated luggage handling works. The solution has already made the jump from trade fair exhibit to practical implementation. A pilot implementation at the airport Berlin at the EasyJet terminal shows how well the 'Unipack' solution works. A robot with a telescope hand is part of the automation. This robot can safely handle luggage pieces of all dimensions and weights and load them into luggage containers or onto baggage carts.

Soon, thanks to the new Unipack technology, the airport crew in Berlin Schönefeld will no longer manually lift heavy luggage and travel bags. Here is the proof: Right now, Unipack automatically and safely handles 100 per cent of the checked-in luggage in 10 to 15 seconds per piece.

Conclusion: The trial by fire went without a hitch!

Unipack automatische Gepäckverladung