Unitechnik brings your production and material flow to the current technical state-of-the-art.

Often it is the discontinuation of electrical components, which gives the push to a modernization. However, the advantages the operator of the installation has, go a lot further than just safeguarding the provision of spare parts. Unitechnik has extensive experience in the conversion of long served installation technique. Our automation competence and the professional project management ensure short conversion times, and process secure restart of the installation.

Your advantages:

  • Minimum downtime with conversion
  • Use of the available machines and materials handling technology
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher availability
  • Newest safety technique
  • Intuitive and multilingual operation
  • First class information management
  • Safe spare part provision
  • Low energy consumption
  • Integration into an energy management system


Modernization of a three-stand billet mill for stainless steel

Modernization of the walking beam furnace and the connected roller table control system



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