Check-up provides clarity: Does automation make sense?

Unitechnik Systems GmbH is reorganizing its consulting services. With a check-up at a fixed price, the general contractor wants to support interested companies in deciding for or against warehouse automation at an early stage. The service, which was previously offered independently, is now part of the Wiehl-based automation expert's 3-phase consulting plan and offers potential customers a cost-effective introduction.

As a general contractor, Unitechnik Systems GmbH offers not only the implementation of automation projects in intralogistics but also preliminary consulting and planning services in the field of warehouse automation. This logistics consulting serves to support potential customers in developing the ideal system. Unitechnik has now added a further service upstream and combined the offer with a general check-up of existing logistics processes. This enables Unitechnik to clarify quickly and easily right at the start whether automation is worthwhile for the company and what changes need to be made to intralogistics. As a manufacturer-independent system integrator, Unitechnik can draw on the entire spectrum of automation solutions available on the market.

Check-up as a decision-making aid
The check-up is a compact planning service at a fixed price - the process consists of a short and intensive planning phase based on a basic process survey and a compact data analysis. Taking the forecast values into account, Unitechnik analyzes the material flows in advance and develops suitable logistics concepts in a subsequent workshop. The opportunities and risks of the proposed technical solutions as well as initial layout sketches of the future system are presented to the customer. Interested companies thus receive an initial assessment of the possible investment budget and important recommendations for action.

Developing the perfect logistics system with Unitechnik
With the check-up, Unitechnik offers companies the opportunity to better assess their own automation potential. Once this has been identified, two further phases follow, which delve into the topic in more detail. In the concept phase, the appropriate automation concept is worked out, whereby the required processes are optimally mapped. To this end, several variants are compared and investment budgets are drawn up. As soon as the basic investment budget has been approved, the technical solution is worked out in detail in the subsequent design phase. Unitechnik then prepares the implementation offer and takes over the project implementation once the order has been placed. Furthermore, the general contractor supports the companies as a lifetime partner in service and regular system optimizations.

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The Unitechnik check-up consists of a short and intensive planning phase based on a basic process survey and a compact data analysis.