E-Mobility initiative launched

We at Unitechnik are committed to sustainable mobility: To this end, we recently purchased three hybrid vehicles as company cars. An innovative charging structure is already being planned and will also be available to our employees with their own e-cars in the near future.

An advantage of vehicles with electric and combustion engines is the low consumption, since the combustion engine is smaller. In the future, we will save up to 25 percent fuel on routes to customers and thus reduce emissions. For shorter distances, the new cars are completely electric - a sustainable and comfortable option for long and short journeys.

We are even going one step further in terms of environmental friendliness and are planning a conversion at the Wiehl site. The "DIGI:LAB" is being built in a 1,000 square meter hall: our new informatics location. The roof of the hall will be equipped with a photovoltaic system. The solar electricity generated will be used to cover both our own power requirements and to charge the electric vehicles. Only the generation of electricity from renewable energies makes the use of electric cars a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles.