New project: Logistics processes optimized for mining business

Space-saving storage of mining equipment and technology: This was the focus for SIEMAG TECBERG during the construction of the new production, shipment and spare parts warehouse. Unitechnik supported the system provider in the field of mechanical and plant engineering for shaft and heavy-duty conveying technology as well as mine and tunnel cooling with the construction of a high-bay warehouse and an automatic small parts warehouse. In addition, Unitechnik optimized the control and visualization of all logistics processes through its UniWare warehouse management system.

The demand for mineral resources is increasing worldwide. The expertise of experienced suppliers and, above all, system integrators for shaft hoisting technology such as SIEMAG TECBERG GmbH is in demand: In order to expand the capacity of its intralogistics, the company pursued the goal at the TECBERG park company site in Haiger of meeting the increasing demand and company growth through more efficient processes and optimized warehouse technology. The new logistics building created for this purpose utilizes the available space between an existing building and a complex of new product assembly halls that has since been completed.

The fully automated high-bay warehouse (HRL) and the automated small parts warehouse (AKL) replace the previous manually managed warehouse. The single-aisle automated solutions are each used for the stocking and provision of preliminary products and the storage of finished goods for the construction of underground mining facilities as well as spare parts. In the storage and logistics area, which is only 675 m² in size, particular importance was attached to making full use of the limited hall volume.

In order to create sufficient storage space for SIEMAG TECBERG, the load carriers are stored double-deep. In addition, hall height and length are very well utilized by the choice of storage and retrieval machine (SRM). The SRMs from Raiser Engineering are characterized by particularly short approach dimensions. In addition, an innovative safety braking system makes it possible to eliminate the buffer zone in front of the last rack positions. This saves even more storage space. In the end, it was possible to accommodate almost 1100 pallets and 5000 containers.

LVS UniWare collaborates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
In addition to the new construction of the high-bay warehouse and the miniload, the UniWare warehouse management system (WMS) from Unitechnik was introduced for the efficient control of all intralogistics processes. The partner for raw material mining thus also benefits from maximum transparency in warehouse management. All inventories and material movements can be visualized with the WMS UniWare at any time for the entire plant. The implementation of UniWare also includes an individual connection to the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As a result, production and warehouse processes are even more closely interlinked, as both systems seamlessly exchange orders and status messages via the interface.

Animation einer automatischen Logistikanlage

The new automatic logistics system from SIEMAG TECBERG serves as a production, shipment and spare parts warehouse.


Despite very limited space, it managed to accommodate almost 1100 pallets and 5000 bins.