The Unitechnik master computer UniCAM.10 exceeds expectations

UniCAM.10, the latest version of the master computer for precast concrete plants, has been firmly established on the market since its presentation at bauma 2016. The high international sales figures of a total of 33 master computers in seven different countries speak in its favor. Half of the systems are used in Germany, a further ten computers throughout Europe and a total of seven in Asia. We have already put 24 systems into operation. Our software digitally networks, controls and monitors all work processes in precast concrete plants and thus contributes to the practical implementation of Industry 4.0. A further reason for the great success of UniCAM.10: The solution combines the ergonomics of modern software design with intelligent algorithms based on our 30 years of industry experience. This leads to a higher economic efficiency in the production of precast concrete parts. Numerous work processes are significantly improved through the use of the master computer.

The new function for cycle time homogenization is particularly well received by our customers, as it has a major influence on the productivity of precast concrete plants. The function enables the pallets to flow evenly through the system, with the result that there is no waiting time at the individual work stations. An important prerequisite for this is a similar processing time for the pallets at the individual stations. This is achieved, among other things, by skillfully merging multiple orders. For maximum transparency in production, the time available to process a pallet can be displayed on large screens on the machines. In this way, agreed production targets can be reliably achieved.

Further advantages are:

  • the new occupancy algorithm: this enables an increase in pallet occupancy of up to 20 percent by nesting the elements.

  • the fully integrated laser projection system: UniCAM.10 has a fully integrated laser projection system. This enables parts to be accurately placed on the production pallet and is used for quality control.

  • the optimal production preparation: Unitechnik offers the UniCADViewer as an expansion for the master computer. The program module enables users to check the feasibility of orders before starting production. In addition, each element can be visually examined for possible errors in 3D and 2D representation.

  • intuitive operability and flexible graphic design. In this way, users can arrange all elements of the user interface according to their needs on the screen or change their size. Furthermore, all users have the possibility to use UniCAM.10 in their preferred language. The infinitely zoomable visualization function supports troubleshooting.

  • paperless production. UniCAM.10 offers the possibility to display pallet allocation sheets and individual panel abstracts directly at workstations and to comment digitally if required. In addition, statistics and reports can be compiled and displayed in a visually appealing overview.

  • the master computer app: The app makes it possible to retrieve current status information and key figures from production, such as the degree of utilization of the plant, the number of square meters produced or the status of an order. The connection of mobile terminal devices facilitates work with the master computer even outside the control station.
Unitechnik-Leitrechner UniCAM.10