UniCADView – the new CAD-CAM-Viewer

Unitechnik presents the new software UniCADView at the bauma. Unique chance for Unitechnik customers: Get UniCADView at the bauma with 50% discount.

The Unitechnik CAD-CAM-Viewer has been completely redeveloped and now goes by the name UniCADView. Like its predecessor, it is intended to validate production data which was generated by the CAD-system. The software can be installed on any Windows PC.The plausibility check for CAD-data saves lots of time for the production control station. In this way, the work preparation can control the outcome of their work directly. As part of this, each element can be visually inspected in a 3D- and 2D-view. Subsequently, a list of error and warning messages is generated. The required changes can be made by the users in the CAD-system or via the integrated editor directly in the CAD-CAM-file. Naturally, UniCADView supports all Unitechnik-CAD-CAM-interface-versions including the new UXML-format.