Unitechnik is an integral part of the logistics scene in Dubai

In addition to tourism, logistics is one of the most important pillars of the desert state. Since 12 years Unitechnik is active with its own branch office in Dubai. Two logistics events gave us the opportunity this summer to intensify the dialogue with the regional logistics providers: the Unitechnik Logistics Day and the Materials Handling Middle East trade fair.

Unitechnik Logistics Day at Emirates Flight Catering
The fourth Logistics Day in Dubai was a guest at Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC). During a tour of two factories of the catering specialist, the international group of participants got an idea of the logistical effort behind the just-in-time provision of around 225,000 daily meals to start the aircraft.

Since its first project in 2005, Unitechnik has supported EKFC in equipping the slender roll containers (carts) with food, drinks, duty-free articles and everything else that is required on a flight. The roll containers are transported via a 2.5 km long network by means of an electric overhead monorail system. The automatic system provides up to 40 carts just in time per aircraft.

Transparent IT system guarantees process overview
The goods flows in the plants are controlled by the warehouse management software UniWare. Thanks to the integrated plant visualization, the control room personnel and the maintenance staff always have an overview of the condition of the plant and the locations of the individual carts. The regional service support provided by Unitechnik FZE, the Unitechnik subsidiary in Dubai, guarantees a stable 24/7 operation.

EHB and FTS network locations
As an introduction to the Logistics Day, Michael Huhn, sales director at Unitechnik Systems, demonstrated the advantages of an automated system using the example of the Dubai subway system: "When choosing the means of transport, Dubai relies on the fully automatic metro and connects quickly, safely, quickly and punctually , fault-free and jam-free important junctions. The approach is similar in intralogistics: EMS (electric monorail system) and AGV (automated guided vehicle) are systems that can be used to create a flexible, fast and secure connection between production and warehouse locations."

Logistics system takes into account flight disturbances
EKFC's Chief Information Officer (CIO), Arun Tewari, gave the logistics experts an overview of EKFC's tasks and challenges. These include, among other things, flexible reactions to flight disturbances such as those caused by fog or sandstorms. It should also be noted that carts are loaded with food leaving the building in a timely manner on the plane. Otherwise, due to the strict hygiene requirements, the destruction of the contents is required.

Automated special vehicles facilitate goods handling
At the end of the event, Hans-Joachim Finger, CEO of Hubtex, reported on how the digitization strategy of the specialist vehicle manufacturer fits into the concept. Even when handling heavy or unwieldy goods, the trend is towards automation. Based on the standard products Hubtex enables the user step by step the automation of its handling processes up to the AGV.

Unitechnik presents solutions at the Materials Handling Middle East
In addition, Unitechnik was one of 126 exhibitors at this year's Materials Handling Middle East. More than 3,500 trade visitors from 57 countries found their way to the biggest intralogistics show in Middle East. Our conclusion: insightful discussions at our booth and the announcement of some new projects. We look forward to advancing the future market of Dubai with our products and services.

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