UXML – the new communication standard for precast concrete plants

The open "Unitechnik CAD-CAM interface" has formed the basis for the free exchange of information within a precast concrete plant for 30 years. This interface is now available in the contemporary XML format. UXML is going to be the future standard for precast concrete plants.

Unitechnik presents the interface description "Unitechnik CAD-CAM interface XML 7.0.1“ - short UXML 7.0.1 - at the bauma. It is available in a English and German version. This interface has been implemented by some CAD manufacturers. In the leading position is Tekla Structures who will present a UXML compatible version of their software at the bauma.

As in the past all software and equipment manufacturers can incorporate this interface in future versions. In this way, Unitechnik is addressing the trend toward manufacturer-specific interfaces and supports continued free competition within the industry.

Advantages of the UXML interface compared to the conventional Unitechnik CAD-CAM Interface:

  • Can be displayed in any browser
  • Hierarchy levels can be shown and hidden
  • Easy to implement in modern software systems
  • Tunneling of additional information from CAD to subsystems without having to modify the control system.
  • Support for variable field lengths
  • Ability to transmit binary data (images, PDF, printing data)
  • Capability for validation against XML schema definition
  • Ability to reference objects via GUID

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