IFC4precast: Digitalization calls for interface standards


A key factor in the digitisation of value creation chains is the ability of differing systems to communicate with one another. Transparency, speed and added value can only be created for all parties involved if data can be exchanged without media discontinuities. The definition of interface standards is therefore an important prerequisite for digitisation. In the automated production of precast concrete elements, interface standards are of particular importance in two ways. In the CAD-CAM-controlled factory, a large number of systems exchange data with each other: CAD system, production control computer, robots, subsystems for reinforcement production, etc. On the other hand, these works are suppliers and part of the construction industry. Building Information Modelling (BIM) creates a standard that encompasses all trades in a building and allows the interaction of the parties involved in the construction. The initiative IFC4precast has set itself the task of developing an interface that does justice to internal and external communication.

In a whitepaper we inform about the requirements of such an interface and the current state of implementation: White paper IFC4precast: Digitalization calls for interface standards

More details about the buildingSMART Project Group "IFC4precast": https://www.bsde-tech.de/en/mitarbeiten-eng/projectgroups/pg-ifc4precast-eng/