Retrofit - Rejuvenation for your precast concrete component plant

High-quality production installations run for several decades. Especially with good maintenance. However, in spite of flawless function, after years one or the other problem arises. Certain control components are discontinued by the manufacturer, the computer is no longer compatible with the new USB devices and so on. One can kick the can down the road for a while by a skillful spare part provisioning. However, eventually there comes a point where the availability of the installation is jeopardized ...

Unitechnik offers the modernization of the process control technique of precast concrete component plants. In this, it is irrelevant whether the plant was automated originally by Unitechnik. We offer you an evaluation of the situation and advice without obligation. In case you would find our service of interest, we offer you this at a fixed price. The great experience of countless modernization projects and the professional project management guarantee a short reconstruction time, so that production downtime is minimized.

The renewal of the control technique ensures that current provisions are complied with, the installation runs steadily and that support as well as spare parts are available. Moreover, through the upgrading of a modern manufacturing execution system, many new functions become accessible to the plant.

Procedure of a modernization project:

  • Evaluation of the situation free of charge
  • Extensive offer
  • Award of contract at fixed price
  • Electrical construction and if need be construction of control cabinet
  • Software building on the basis of UniControl and UniCAM (no conversion of the old software)
  • In-house system test at Unitechnik
  • Preparatory measures in the plant parallel to the running production
  • Interrupting production (if need be during the plant shut-down)
  • Conversion of the controls, control points and computer systems
  • Restart of the installation with the new software
  • Parallel with that restart of the production
  • Production monitoring
  • Service and hotline


Precast Concrete Production with UniCAM.23



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