Efficient stock yard management

The UniWare precast stockyard management system is the link between production and construction site. At the end of the production process the precast concrete parts are lifted from the production pallets and stored in the outside area. The period of time between completion of production and delivery to the construction site remains uncoordinated in many cases. Time-consuming searching for the parts needed for a particular delivery is a frequent consequence. Especially aggravating are incorrect deliveries. This gap has been closed with the UniWare precast warehouse management system.

With UniWare the precast concrete parts - organized in transport units in the form of individual elements, stacks, racks etc. - can be optimally managed. In addition to the transport units of precast concrete parts, other articles coming into or leaving the works can be stored and managed. To avoid unnecessary entries and to ensure data consistency, UniWare precast possesses interfaces to the UniCAM production control system and different ERP systems and in this way is fully integrated in the IT landscape of the works.

Bookings are carried out conveniently via handhelds and transmitted online via WLAN. If radio link is interrupted, the system keeps on working autonomously in off-line mode and synchronizes itself as soon as WLAN is available.




Precast Concrete Technology


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