Retrofit - Rejuvenation for your production

Unitechnik brings your production and your material flow at the level of state-of-the-art technology.

Often it is the discontinuation of electrical components, which gives the push to a modernization. However, the advantages for the operator of the installation, go a lot further than just guaranteeing the provision of spare parts. Unitechnik has extensive experience in the retrofitting of long-serving installation technique. Our automation competence and the professional project management take care of short retrofit times and a process secure restart of the installation.

Your advantages:

  • Minimum downtime with retrofit
  • Using available machines and transport technique
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher availability
  • Newest safety technique
  • Intuitive and multilingual operation
  • Top information management
  • Safe supply of spare parts
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Integration into an energy management system



Thomas Hoffmann
Chief Sales Officer

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