Royal road to WMS replacement - industry trends and an individual roadmap

The reasons for replacing the existing warehouse management system (WMS) are numerous and sometimes urgent. However, those responsible often fear that the change will entail a lengthy conversion process that will disrupt operations or even temporarily shut them down. Therefore, a replacement project is often delayed. Unitechnik has asked and uncovered the wishes, reservations, and goals of warehouse operators in a survey.

The survey with more than 50 participants yielded exciting results: Would you have thought, for example, that one third of the respondents are dissatisfied with their current warehouse management system? Or that the provider's planning expertise is more important to many participants than industry-specific process knowledge?

Among other things, the following topics will be examined in more detail:

  • What types of WMS do companies use?
  • How satisfied are they with the current WMS?
  • Reasons for and against a WMS change
  • Expectations of the WMS provider
  • Popular functions of the new WMS
  • Willingness to invest in a new system


New Unitechnik white paper on the topic of WMS replacement

We have created a white paper based on the survey results. In it, the statements from the industry are clearly presented and analyzed. In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of a WMS change, the white paper also presents important criteria for the selection of software and providers. A best practice shows which steps are essential during the course of replacement projects in practice. From taking stock to testing the software to the actual go-live, the reader gets an overview of all the important steps involved in a WMS migration. An excursus on a successful replacement project, realized by Unitechnik, completes the guide.


Results of the survey on WMS replacement


White paper - Royal road to LVS replacement - industry trends and an individual roadmap

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