Siemens certified SIMATIC technician - evening training

Description / learning objective:

The German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association ('ZVEI') has defined a new advanced training guideline. The reason for this is the further development of the automation technique up to totally integrated automation solutions. Currently, these include besides stored program controls ('SPS'), also components of the industrial communication, for operation and monitoring tasks, the safety technique and the connection with drives. For example, a renewal of the previous graduation to SPS technician was required. As preparation for the automation technician service in accordance with service in accordance with ZVEI, we offer the graduation to Siemens certified SIMATIC technician. This training in the form of an evening course encompasses the contents of the fundamental training to SIMATIC S7 service (contents of the course ST-SERV1 ST-SERV2 and CP-FAST1) and offers the optimal preparation. This training in the form of an evening course encompasses the contents of S7 service (contents of the course ST-SERV1, ST-SERV2 and CP-FAST1) and offers the optimal preparation to the included test!


  • Service SIMATIC control
    • Systematic trouble shooting in an automation system
    • Distinguishing hardware and software faults
    • Fault localization and rectification in stored program control and decentralized periphery
    • Hardware and software diagnostic functions
    • Configuration and parameterization of diagnosis capable components
    • Digital and analog signal processing
    • Being able to put given components into operation and expanding them
  • Industrial communication
    • Putting decentralized periphery into operation
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    • Projection of HMI images
    • Message projection
  • Motion control
    • Putting a drive into operation
  • Intensification through practice oriented exercises on the installation model
    • Touch panel 177B, SIMATIC WinCC flexible
    • Drive Micromaster 420


The evening course (short designation CP-FAST1-A) includes the contents of our 5 day standard course ST-SERV1 (SIMATIC S7service training 1), ST-SERV2 (SIMATIC S7 service training 2) and of the 3 day module CP-FAST1 (preparation and test). The course takes place twice a week in the evening and approx. every two weeks on a Saturday morning. It encompasses 30 evenings and 6 Saturday mornings.



Stefan Sosinski
Head of training

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