SIMATIC S7 Service training 1

Description / learning objective:

In this first part of the SIMATIC service training, we provide you with basic knowledge regarding the set-up of automation systems, the configuration and parameterization of the hardware, the handling of the STEP 7 basic software and the foundations of the programming. Furthermore, you will receive further views on operation & observation, PROFIBUS DP and the integration of drives.

Your theoretically learned knowledge will be intensified by numerous practical exercises on a SIMATIC installation model. This consists of an automation system S7-300, decentralized periphery ET200S, touch panel TP 177B, drive Micromaster 420 and a conveyor model. With the knowledge concerning the integrated production automation, you will see your installation in its entirety and you will understand the interaction of the individual components. This way, you can also - shortly after the course - diagnose simple hardware faults, replace components, attune the components optimally to one another, carry out safe fault diagnosis and consequently reduce downtime.


  • System overview and essential service features of the system family SIMATIC S7
  • The components of the basic package STEP 7
  • Program processing in the automation system
  • Binary and digital operations
  • Setting up and assembling automation system
  • Addressing and wiring the signal module
  • Hardware and software implementation of the automation system
  • Hardware configuration and parameterization at S7-300
  • Intensifying the content through exercise on the device
  • Introduction of the touch panel TP177B
  • Introduction of the drive MM420
  • Set-up and parameterization of the PROFIBUS DP


In this course you will work with the SIMATIC STEP 7 V5.x software.
This is the first one of two courses, which will prepare you for the graduation as "Siemens certified SIMATIC technician (CP-FAST1)".
This is the first one of three courses, which will prepare you for the graduation as "Siemens certified SIMATIC technician / evening training (CP-FAST2)".
Both tests are a module of the "SITRAIN Certification Program".