Automatically storing and conveying E2 Meat Crates

Logistics center for gourmet products

Initial situation

Sander Gourmet ships 130 tons of gourmet products per day to its customers in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Sander Gourmet is building a new logistics center near its production facility, which will house a refrigerated warehouse and a deep-freeze warehouse.

High material flow performance is required in all areas. Another important requirement for the flow of goods at Sander Gourmet is strict adherence to the first-in-first-out principle. This ensures that the goods have the longest possible best-before date.


The new fresh food warehouse is directly supplied with goods from production via factory trucks. The goods are delivered in E2 meat crates, which are usually used in the food industry.

As these load carriers are in the process of being exchanged throughout Germany, they are often subject to heavy use.

The incoming E2 crates are automatically depalletized in the goods receiving area. With the help of a sensor measuring technology developed by Unitechnik, a quality control of the E2 crates is carried out. Non-conveyable crates are rejected from the system. This increases the availability of the entire system.

Pre-picked goods are temporarily stored in the shuttle warehouse and transported to the goods issue and automatically palletized.

The Unitechnik warehouse management software controls all goods movements in the deep-freeze and normal refrigerated warehouse and selects the storage strategies in such a way that products with a shorter shelf life are always at the front of the shelf.

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Case Study - Sander Gourmet