Logistics center for agricultural machinery manufacturers

Automated high-bay warehouse for worldwide spare parts supply

Initial situation

Claas KGaA mbH is an internationally active agricultural machinery group headquartered in Harsewinkel, East Westphalia. Founded in 1913, the company is one of the market and technology leaders in harvesting technology.

In order to continue to provide the increasingly extensive product range of spare parts (more than 300,000) for worldwide shipment in a highly available manner, Claas is investing in its central warehouse for spare parts distribution.

Until now, the pallets have been stored manually in the central warehouse as well as in external storage areas.
The aim is to have them centrally accessible in a new high bay warehouse.

The future viability is to be taken into account already in the design by an expandability of the storage system as well as the transport system.


Nine stacker cranes store the pallets and pallet cages in single- and double-deep aisles.
The logistics heart of the system is the electric monorail conveyor (EMS), which is part of the automated warehouse and serves as a pre-zone loop.

Thanks to double load handling devices on the stacker cranes and the transfer of two pallets by the double EMS vehicles, highly dynamic handling of the transport units is ensured.

The EMS pre-zone loop serves as a link between the storage area and the picking area.
The pallet conveyor system connects goods receiving, NIO workstation, full retrieval as well as picking stations.

The picking area based on the goods-to-person principle enables high picking performance and can be expanded to double the number of workstations.

Videos about the project

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Case Study - CLAAS

Claas Service and Parts GmbH
Hamm-Uentrop, Germany


Technology and key figures

  • UniWare material flow control with storage location management and connection to higher-level WMS
  • High-bay warehouse in silo design for 58,000 storage locations, 31 m high, 46 m wide and 110 m long
  • 9 stacker cranes with double load handling device
  • 260 m electric monorail conveyor system with 16 double vehicles
  • 420 m pallet conveyor system
  • 4 goods-to-person picking stations with put-to-light displays


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