Production logistics for smart sheets

Gradual increase in automation

Initial situation

Tailored components made of steel or aluminum make cars lighter. More than 30 years ago, Tailored Blanks laid the foundation for many other innovative tailored products such as laser-welded blanks, steel strips and tubes with the invention of the first "tailored blank".

The ultimate goal for production logistics is the continuous optimization of processes from the warehouse to the processing machines in order to be able to handle every product innovation.


Unitechnik manages and controls two high-bay warehouses in the production area.

The presses and the laser welding machines are each connected by means of conveyor technology.
The central warehouse management system UniWare-LVS plans and tracks all transports of the two warehouses under one roof.

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Case Study - Tailored Blanks

Baosteel Tailored Blanks
Duisburg, Deutschland


Technology and key figures

  • UniWare warehouse management system (WMS) with integrated modules for material flow control system and plant visualization.
  • Host interface with SAP ERP
  • High bay warehouse-1: 1-aisle, 900 locations
  • High bay warehouse-2: 1-aisle, 1,000 locations
  • Special pallets up to 7.5 tons and maximum 2.2m x 2.2m with RF identification system (RFID)


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