New construction of shuttle warehouse for "Calibration Factory"

Efficient logistics for high availability

Initial situation

The measuring instrument manufacturer Testo is a global leader in the field of portable and stationary measuring solutions. For the subsidiary Testo Industrial Services, the construction of the new Calibration Facility is the largest investment in the future to date and a consequence of its continued growth. Over the past 20 years, the company has developed into Germany's largest provider of calibration services.

The new building will be used to efficiently align proven processes in modern premises while further expanding the high quality standards.

The logistics system is to have a high storage capacity in a limited space and ensure minimum distances for employees. State-of-the-art storage and transport technology is to be discreetly integrated into the laboratory environment. Scalability and expandability for future growth will be considered from the beginning.


The customers' measuring instruments to be calibrated are gently stored and transported in standardized containers.

The in-house material movements of the containers are supported by automatic logistics systems.

The heart of the plant is a shuttle system with high storage density, where the customer equipment to be calibrated is buffered.

The conveyor system, which is over 300m long, connects the various functional areas and laboratories with the shuttle warehouse.

The Warehouse Management System UniWare supports the following processes:

  • Incoming goods,
  • goods issue,
  • order processing,
  • laboratory supply and tugger train connection,
  • tour formation and
  • shipping

Traceability and short access times optimize transport processes.

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