Automated Logistics for Gas Cylinders at Linde

The Linde Group is building a new bottling plant in the Industriepark Dorsten/Marl industrial park. A Unitechnik solution is contributing to the high level of automation for the internal processes: For the industrial gas bottling system, we are supplying the automatic high-bay pallet racking warehouse with rack feeders and conveying technology as well as the UniWare warehouse management software. The intralogistics concept we developed jointly with Linde is mainly intended to reduce lift truck traffic. In order to accomplish this, the fully automated high-bay racking warehouse is being linked to conveying technology. Rack feeders are used to put gas cylinders into storage, remove and transfer them. Linde always knows which gas cylinder is where thanks to UniWare. The multiple-depth storage of heavy- duty pallets constitutes another project challenge. This requirement was taken into account in our concept as well. By the way: Linde found the Unitechnik automation solution for Dorsten/Marl so convincing that it is going to implement a similar system in the Unterschleißheim plant near Munich.

Automatisierungslösung bei Linde