Logistics 4.0: UniWare networks components and subsystems

At the heart of Logistics 4.0 is the networking of machines and processes. The basis for this are standardized interfaces as part of an intelligent communication technology. Whether projects with shuttle control or the integration of an AutoStore warehouse: The UniWare warehouse management system can network flexibly in all directions. Using OPC-UA, both third-party vehicle controls and autonomous subsystems can be integrated into UniWare's material flow control. This also enables intelligent plant visualization of the overall system. 

As a manufacturer-independent system integrator, Unitechnik enables companies to connect a wide variety of highly automated components to the UniWare warehouse management system. In addition to conventional warehouse and conveyor technology, this also includes shuttle systems and autonomous plant components such as driverless transport systems and AutoStore warehouses.

Flexible interfaces enable seamless integration
For the implementation of flexible interfaces, an OPC UA connection is suitable, which standardizes the access to machines, devices and other systems in the industrial environment and supports the similar and manufacturer-independent data exchange. However, the connection of non-OPC-capable systems is also made possible via XML format. The barrier-free exchange of information between the UniWare warehouse management system and the individual machine components in the warehouse as well as the subsystems can thus be handled in real time.

Integrate shuttle vehicles
In the current project for the company Testo, TGW shuttles are connected to UniWare via OPC-UA. As a result, UniWare knows the status and position of each shuttle. The load carriers that are stored and retrieved can also be tracked exactly. This enables better material flow control and detailed plant visualization. But troubleshooting and bottleneck analysis also benefit from the additional data in UniWare.

Integrate AutoStore
Another example is the Unitechnik project for Soennecken eG: Via a standard interface configured by Unitechnik, a bin interface, UniWare communicates with the AutoStore system there and tells it, for example, which items will be needed in the near future and when items must be made available at the transfer point for picking. The result: users benefit from a comprehensive view of the entire logistics facility, including connected third-party systems, and from seamless integration of the AutoStore warehouse into the existing complex picking system.

Shuttle Lager

In the Testo project, the TGW shuttle vehicles are connected to UniWare via OPC-UA

UniWare auf einem Tablet

Communication of UniWare with AutoStore systems takes place via the bin interface