Retrofit: Stopa sheet metal warehouse refurbished

Warehouse modernization: Unitechnik has renewed the control and instrumentation technology of the sheet metal warehouse at the Mönchengladbach headquarters of Scheidt & Bachmann. Since the successful retrofit, the automation expert has supported the internationally active family-owned company with comprehensive services for the entire plant technology. This includes, among other things, coordinated maintenance of all plant components, the annual UVV inspection, and a telephone hotline with remote services. Scheidt & Bachmann thus has a central contact for all trades of its production logistics.

Scheidt & Bachmann is an expert in software development and service management and has systems for rail traffic control and petrol station management in its portfolio. For many people, the company is best known for parking ticket and ticket vending machines as well as barrier systems. Scheidt & Bachmann produces the housings required for these systems at its headquarters in Mönchengladbach.

In order to be able to supply its own hardware just in time and in the highest quality in the future as well, the long-established company commissioned Unitechnik to update the existing storage and conveyor technology of the sheet metal processing department to the current state of the art. The automation expert renewed the 30-year-old control and guidance technology of the automatic sheet metal warehouse over several weekends without disrupting ongoing operations.

Full service package

After the successful implementation of the retrofit, however, the project is not over. Unitechnik is also available as a service provider during the ongoing operation of the plant: The general contractor takes over the maintenance of the electrical system and all transport equipment as well as the prescribed rack inspections. For each on-site maintenance, Unitechnik sends its own technicians and coordinates the simultaneous deployment of service personnel for the mechanical trades. Spare parts for all trades are also procured and delivered by Unitechnik. If a malfunction occurs during operation, the automation expert supports troubleshooting via remote access. Thus, Scheidt & Bachmann has a fixed contact person for all services in the warehouse. This saves the company from having to organize and coordinate different companies for the individual trades.

"Unitechnik has proven to be a competent partner with its experienced and professional approach. This applies to the implementation of the retrofit measure as well as to the support of the system by the service department," summarizes Christoph Dahmen, Senior Project Engineer Retrofit Hardware at Scheidt & Bachmann.

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