Unitechnik study shows: 53 percent rely on retrofits to increase efficiency

A study by Unitechnik Systems GmbH shows that logistics companies are increasingly opting to modernize existing systems (53 percent). The biggest concern: possible disruption to operational business. At LogiMAT in Hall 1, Stand H20, the retrofit experts from Unitechnik will explain how an automated logistics system can be made fit for the future without major risk. The system integrator's latest white paper provides a detailed overview of the study results and an individual roadmap.

Older logistics systems are reaching their limits when it comes to digitalization and networking. 38 percent of those surveyed in the Unitechnik study see this as one of the main reasons for a retrofit. The study results are based on a survey of over 100 participants from production and logistics. There are also practical reasons for modernization: 68 percent cite spare parts problems and 51 percent complain about too many faults. One in two (53%) are planning a retrofit, 27% of participants have already modernized - and the trend is rising. The advantages are obvious: the investment costs are lower compared to building a new system and a considerable increase in efficiency can still be expected. Outdated plant components can be brought up to the latest state of the art and become part of an overall digital strategy.
And last but not least: The modernized technology offers the possibility of integrating AI solutions for data analysis. With the UniWare warehouse management system and the UniWare-AI AI assistant, Unitechnik is already on the way to becoming a learning logistics center.

Study: process knowledge more important than price
The requirements for retrofit providers are surprising: Only 25 percent of respondents ranked the lowest price as one of the most important selection criteria. Much more decisive are a good understanding of the process on the part of the provider (57 percent), fixed contact persons (58 percent) with transparent communication (41 percent) and processing with their own personnel (47 percent). "Anyone planning or carrying out a retrofit has to consider economic risks such as downtime and disruption to business operations. It is therefore only logical that companies focus on quality and process reliability," explains Michael Huhn, authorized signatory and sales manager at Unitechnik Systems GmbH.

Whitepaper: Retrofit in intralogistics - what matters
Unitechnik Systems has compiled tips, tricks and case studies from its many years of experience with retrofit projects. The white paper provides interested parties with an overview of the study results and an individual roadmap for planning and implementing a retrofit. Interested parties can download the white paper free of charge here: https://www.unitechnik.com/logistiksysteme/retrofit.html#whitepaper