Unitechnik unifies warehouse management at Georg Fischer AG

Combining three into one: Unitechnik supports GF Piping Systems, the largest division of the Swiss Georg Fisher AG (GF) industrial group in the unification of its IT landscape. A total of three IT systems will replace our UniWare warehouse management system and handle material flow control in the highly automated distribution warehouse in Schaffhausen. The joint revision of the flow of material is also a part of the project. Ultimately, Georg Fischer AG will profit from transparent warehouse processes and highly efficient order processing.

GF Piping Systems is one of the leading providers of piping systems and components made of plastic and metal. The company has more than 40,000 products in its product range for the safe transport of liquids and gases. The majority of the goods is distributed and transferred in the Schaffhausen distribution center and the surrounding sub-centers. The location also supplies the local plant with primary material. Aside from just in time delivery of components to production, international shipping is also very important for the company. GF therefore focuses on a highly automated warehouse concept to meet the high demands.

Unitechnik streamlines warehouse processes
Driverless transport systems, various containers, pallet and carton conveyor systems are used in Schaffhausen together with two automated warehouses. The intelligent integration of the various automated areas was therefore a very important requirement for the project. Unitechnik streamlines the previous control, consisting of three systems, to the Uniware warehouse management system. The unification of system-independent process optimization is also a part of the revision. Adopting existing interfaces and integrating the overriding SAP ERP and product life-cycle management complete the system retrofit. The integrated warehouse management system coordinates all processes across different locations, e.g. picking processes, manages transport orders, and route planning takes multiple loading stations into consideration. Additional benefits are obvious: a streamlined IT system will require less time for supervision and coordination between systems. Functional changes are no longer required for three but only for one system. And the shorter training period also lightens the load for employees.

Service warranty for more than 10 years
Unitechnik will support the overall concept for GF far beyond the implementation of the new IT system. "We have chosen a comprehensive service concept that includes a 10 year service agreement. It's important to us that we will still be able to meet the high demands of flexible intralogistics in a few years," says Tobias Auer, Project Manager DC Management Europe of GF Piping Systems.