UniWare: New dashboard optimizes warehouse processes

For the operator of a logistics center, one thing is particularly important: compliance with targets. Real-time visualization of key performance indicators can help ensure that both staff and management can identify deviations in good time and take countermeasures. The second important function of dashboards is the continuous optimization of logistics processes. The analysis of the collected data reveals weaknesses and helps to eliminate them. The feature is tailored exactly to the customer's needs thanks to user-specific masks and analysis tools.

"There are already many tools on the market that allow users to connect to an external database and develop a dashboard from it. However, our goal was not to simply display data, but to make it comparable and create analysis options with added value," says Dennis Hertel, Software Developer at Unitechnik. Thus, the focus for Unitechnik in the development of the new dashboard was particularly on ease of use and integration in UniWare. The customer should be able to work in the familiar UniWare environment and intuitively generate individual dashboard views.

Visualized data says more
The UniWare warehouse management system contains an immense amount of data organized in database tables. The tables can be arranged and related to each other in UniWare in a very flexible and user-friendly way. For example, the user can "jump" from a transport order to the load carrier and finally to the article stock, although this information is organized in completely different tables. Intelligent filter functions show the user exactly the data he needs for his work. With the new dashboard, the user now has the choice of viewing the data as a table as usual or additionally displaying a graphical representation. Depending on the type of data, line, area or pie charts are useful. By means of graphics, many facts can be grasped much faster. Trends also become visible over time.

Continuous optimization thanks to analysis capability
In order to achieve continuous improvement in the material flow, UniWare offers users comprehensive analysis options. Using report functions and views tailored to their individual needs, customers can view the various areas in the warehouse. For example, the picking performance of the current shift can be compared with the level of the previous day or the post-shift. Operations management also benefits from the overall view: Which orders have passed goods issue? How many orders are still open? How long do the orders take on average? Is there possibly a bottleneck at some points? If the processing of the orders has taken too long, the user can switch directly to the analysis screen and understand the reason. This is the great advantage of an integrated system.

The user can customize the view so that only the data that is of interest to him is displayed. The masks are created intuitively using drag & drop. The display option is also flexible: the dashboard is displayed on the customer's workstation as part of UniWare, but can also be displayed on handheld devices, large screens or tablets. Information is displayed where employees need it to do their jobs. This eliminates the need to go to the control station to retrieve information or even print it out.

Automation specialist Turck has configured its Performance Monitor to display the most important key figures for achieving daily targets. These are displayed on large screens for everyone to see. In this way, every employee always has the targets in view.

UniWare-Dashboard auf einem Tablet

UniWare dashboard: Graphics can be used to capture many facts more quickly than in a table presentation

Performance Monitor der Firma Turck

The most important key figures for the achievement of the daily targets always in view - the Performance Monitor of the company Turck